Movita BAND

To track your steps, calculate the distance, exercise time, burnt calories.

I come in a wide range of colours and you can take me everywhere with you, and if you wear me at night I measure the quality of your sleep.

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Calories burnt

Track your activities and calculate how many calories you have burnt.

Sleep quality

Discover how to sleep better and wake up feeling rested.

Target percentage

View what you still have to do to complete your target.

Activity reminder

A discrete reminder of all your planned activities.

Activity time

Calculate how much time you have spent on your activities.

Completed steps

Find out how may steps you walked today.

Distance travelled

You went a long way today. But how far?

Water and dustproof

Take me everywhere with you: I am water and dustproof.

Try me with Telenutrizione

Telenutrizione is a telemedicine platform that enables you to keep in touch with your doctor and nutritionist, no matter where you are: It is easy to follow your food protocol and thanks to the ongoing data monitoring, you always have the updated situation and can take actions as agreed with your specialist.

MOVITA devices have been designed to interface with Telenutrizione, and update the parameters read through smartphones.


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